Slow Learner Quest

Weeknotes № 3

This week was busy, as per usual. The app is getting closer and closer to completion, but that's something I need to remind myself everyday.

I think this is the curse of the creator: I can only see the bugs and the lack of features in my app. However, if you really look at it, I achieved quite a lot in my app. It is quite usable. The only reason why I'm so harsh on myself is because

I implemented a few new features this week, but mostly worked on fixing bugs. I detected a serious bug in user ordering so I'll have to add a redux to the article. There is an issue in the validation code (aka the re-insertion) so I'll fix that before the beta launch.

I'm entering Week 6 of development, so at this point in time, I'm working off more desperation and fumes rather than passion. This is close to being done, and I'm so excited for it.