Slow Learner Quest

Weeknotes № 1

I'm trying to write more and utilise this blog more. This is the start of a weekly series writing about my development journey. Though I have clinics everyday, I probably won't publish those adventures due to patient privacy.

My Dev Log series has been quiet, but I've been toiling away on something else since. I would like to start another series to chronicle the development process, but I want to have developed something more substantial before I write anything about it.

Maybe I'll use the week notes as an opportunity to update the blogosphere on my progress. And I'll add some interesting learnings from time to time. I really enjoyed writing about user sorting and I'm proud to say that I've incorporated the logic into my app. My app is somewhat usable now to the point I can start dogfooding it now.

I think I'm really impressed how much code lies behind the user interface. I'm making a todo app, but there was a lot of steps before I got to toggling the todo state. But I'm happy with this as it feels like I have a firm footing when writing code on top of it. It feels like I'm not tripping up.

It's funny to express coding in terms of emotional experiences. I suppose coding is ultimately a creative endeavour so, much like art, it tingles our brains when our work is technically sound too. I guess it's also being I'm working inside of a framework (ie. SwiftUI) so it feels harmonious when I feel like I'm working with the framework rather than against it.