Slow Learner Quest

Dev Log #1

Any app worth its salt starts off with a bunch of boxes and arrows drawn on a napkin. XXX is no different.

XXX is a book tracker and organiser. I love reading, but part of the motivation is the tracking feature in Good Reads. But its interface is clunky (I'm never going to download the Good Reads app) and I don't want to log into a website every time I finish reading. Also, I've been reading a lot of technical books, and I forget to add them to my library. So wouldn't it naturally be better if I could track my reading progress locally on my phone?

That was the motivation. Now we try to translate idea into something more tangible.

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Books have four statuses: Currently Reading, Want to Read, Read and Closed (the latter is in case the user decided to drop a book without deleting it completely). The user should also be able to organise books into different folders.

Book reading is organised by reading sessions. It's like workouts but for book reading. A timer will start and there is a little scratchpad for taking notes.