Slow Learner Quest

Bootstrap is still pretty good

The pace of web development changes really quickly, and so does the flavour of CSS frameworks. Though Tailwind.css is the hottest thing at the moment, we can all reminisce a time when Bootstrap was king.

My web dev skills are quite poor, so I'm just happy to use anything that looks pretty. For my last web app project, I've used Github's Primer. However, because I don't use any CSS tooling, (and just prefer a zipped/minimised CSS file), it looked a bit complicated for a recent web app I've made. So instead, I went back to the good old Bootstrap.

And a lot has changed since I last used it. A feature that I really liked (and I think it actually relies on third party code) is the VStack and HStack classes. All the flex box grid stuff doesn't make much sense to me, but the former classes definitely do. So wrapping my content in these classes created a very decent user interface and I was able to ship very quickly.

I like to think that my nature is in backend development, so having anything that can translate my ideas into something pretty is a godsend. And despite all the hubbub of atomic classes and whatnot, Bootstrap is still really good if you need an all-in-one package.