Slow Learner Quest

A Small Update

Today is a unique day - it only comes around every leap year. Hence I thought it was appropriate to post a little update.

My life generally is divided into 3 responsibilities - studying dentistry, app development and trying to develop a startup idea.

I am in my final year of the dental program. I have been seeing patients almost everyday since mid-January. It's very rewarding and provides insight what a post-graduation life looks like. There are 7 rotations before graduation, and I am on my 2nd. My 2nd rotation is a rural placement, so I am located 2.5 hours from Melbourne.

After my last post last year, the assessments ramped up and had little time for app development. At the same time, iOS17 was released which meant there were a lot of API changes to SwiftUI. It took some time to catchup and understand the changes, as well as the new frameworks introduced. During the holidays, I have been working on a separate app as well. I am currently working on that whenever I have the chance.

Also last year, I wrote about CBCT following a conversation with a radiologist. Since then, I have been talking to a lot of dentists about the idea and I have a general concept for a startup. Currently, I am in the process of assembling a team and developing a business plan. There are some milestones I'd like to achieve within this year for the startup to actually materialise. I shall post updates as I hit them.

2024 is all about biding time and putting in the hours. Let's hope it all pays off